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Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.
Jean Cocteau, 1936
Oct 23, 2013
Jun 28, 2013

The Psyche of Clothing

I am 25 years old and cannot remember a time where I wasn’t told “first impressions matter”.

"Clothing makes the man" and "dress appropriately".

This is a little rant, but dress the part you want to be. Barbie does and look how successful she is.

Many people in my generation do not understand that how one dresses really does determine how others perceive you. I like that this article reinforces just that mindset.

People understand how to interact with you because of what you wear.

You get treated with more respect and authority when wearing a business suit over a maxi dress even though they cover the same amount. There is a hard grained perception that we understand and are raised with and I don’t know if its a bad thing.

I personally wouldn’t want to see my doctor in his board shorts because I want to trust his wisdom in my medical diagnosis and so forth.

I have now worked in multiple fields and each has a different understanding of what is appropriate. My current company requires Business Casual.

The Owners and VP’s understand this to mean dress shirts or polo shirts with khakis, linen, or denim depending on the quality.

Many others seem confused. How many days can I go in feeling overdressed in dress pants and a blouse?

Here is an example:

Google version of Business Casual -


What some people think this means -


I agree that the second one is much cuter, but what business could I wear that to? At any company I have worked at this would, even with the most relaxed definition of Business Casual, still be considered inappropriate.

I get that we, as women, want to look beautiful and have cute clothes to wear to work, but I think we need to consider where we want to go with our careers when we dress for work.

I do not want someone to think my promotion was based on anything other than hard-work and dedication; and I fear that while dressing in certain outfits may be cute it does not help the gossip that always (unfortunately) occurs later.

Feb 4, 2013


I know there are multiple purposes for this thing we spend thousands of dollars a year on. But just how important is it?

I like most people am amazed with my own hair. I think about it, spend money on it, name it, caress it, date it, and plan for its future, dare I say it I have a relationship with my beautiful head of hair.

To the extent of vanity. I would kill for hair that I love. Unfortunately, like almost every other woman on the planet. I hate my head of hair. I know, I know; Everyone wants what they don’t have, those with curly hair want straight and those with straight want curly.

We are told regularly that we can destroy our hair by using too much heat, product, dye and so on.

We also know that the wrong haircut can ruin your chances of a good relationship, a great job and pretty much anything else in our life. So knowing this why did I subject myself to the number one fashion no go!

I let the husband cut my hair. The idea was just for a trim and he messed it up. This happened the night before a job interview and of course I rushed out to fix it the next day.

Let me know what you think… Personally I prefer the long hair and I will be getting it back.image


Jan 22, 2013

I’m Back!

Hello World!

I’m Back and this blog will now have weekly updates to include not only latest trends and commentaries of such trends; but also updates of what its like to come home!

We recently moved back to the Los Angeles area. Boy, are trends in right now. On television I have seen multiple Spring 2013 fashion and style alerts. Here is the problem; what are we supposed to follow?

I am completely confused; You have major magazines telling us contradictory styles. For instance, apparently we are supposed to have matted skin care so BB Cream is the new must have. The Problem is that it claims to cover as a foundation yet almost all reviews rave this product as nothing better than a tinted moisturizer. Also in addition to the matted skin, our skin needs to have a glistering glow. Am I the only one not understanding this concept?

Nails are a whole other issue. Dulled tones are the style must have. Yet we need to continue color blocking and ensure that only one nail is color blocked, Color blocking requires bright reds in order to really look complete and these need top be varying shades. However the dulled tones arriving in stores are earth tones such as gray, white, black and brown.

For my Idaho Followers:

                 Keep up we will be trying these styles and acting as a watchdog of the fashion world here in California.  I also will keep the trends not only current, but Ill try and edit out some sections to allow  application to the weather differential.

Spring 2013 is coming quick and we need to make sure that we are ready.

Apr 8, 2011 / 1 note

Has anyone else been shopping lately?

Okay. So I will admit even though its barely 50 degrees outside and the sun is rarely showing his naughty little head. I went dress shopping!

I, as many other women out there know need a spring dress. We all need a new one, it is a new season after all, and guess what ladies, unless you have no hips there is nothing out there. I researched and looked around because I have hips (and mine are are considered small) and thought that I had found the most adorable tube top dress.

It looked so slimming right down to the pencil skirt. Seriously, department stores should show the online pictures of all dresses on actual people. I went with another friend of mine and tried on over 20 dresses each at a very well known department store.


Guess what ladies every one of the dresses does this odd bubble thing. So we kept searching and it took 19 stores which says a lot for Idaho to find 3 dresses that didn’t bubble out at the bottom, on either all sides, just the front or just the back.

This really should not have been that hard. What is going on that all dresses bubble everywhere? Because unlike in California when one goes jeans shopping here the 1’s, 3’s, and 5’s are not sold out.